Competence, Commitment & Communication

Trinity Law Group is a greater Boston corporate law firm that practices the broad range of business law throughout Massachusetts, the United States and the world with well-recognized attorneys of stellar academic and professional accomplishment who leverage technology and relationships.

Sounds wonderful, but there are many law firms that claim the same identity and often with much larger physical presence and tangible resources. However, to smart clients that need legal counsel, the more important question is “who are my lawyers?” Those clients are asking the right question.

As attorneys and counselors, our personal and professional value lies not in what we are but who we are.

Trinity Law Group attorneys share a Trinity of values as cornerstones of professional life: competence, commitment, and communication. 

Competent Attorneys

Competence is in short supply. Truthfully, there are too many lawyers but not enough good lawyers.

A competent attorney has the spectrum of personal qualities and professional skills that clients have right to demand from their lawyer:

  • intelligence, knowledge and experience -  excellent training, a facile and powerful intellect, a clear understanding that “learning never ends,”   a deep appreciation that “the great end of life is not knowledge but action”
  • personal qualities  -  integrity, zealousness, perception, compassion and decency.
  • professional skills  – strategic planning, negotiation & advocacy, analysis, management, project management and resourcefulness.

How many competent lawyers do you know?

Committed Attorneys

Clients want personal commitment from their lawyer.

Clients assume their legal counsel is committed, and commitment is often pledged by law firms. But it is rarely practiced with the proven depth and breadth of the lawyers at Trinity Law Group.

The illusory “institutional” commitment of big law firms in delivering legal services doesn’t work for most emerging companies, entrepreneurs, executives and investors.

A lawyer without the “service gene” – a personal and sincere commitment to serving – cannot provide lasting quality or sustain enduring loyalty.

A lawyer with the service gene knows that he or she is retained to be an asset (not a liability) and is committed to be a solution (not a problem).

Trinity Law Group lawyers carry the service gene.

Attorneys who Communicate

Communication is the biggest issue for most clients.

  • Can the client contact the attorney when, where, and how the client wants?
  • Can the attorney collaborate closely with the client?
  • Can I get my lawyers? Can I get a senior lawyer?
  • Do my lawyers listen with attention and focus?
  • Can my lawyers talk to me without resorting to lawyer speak?
  • Can the attorneys spare the gratuitous legal analysis and just give me the answer?

At Trinity Law Group, the answer to these communication questions is a resounding YES!

In the office, at home or anywhere on the globe – 24/7 – TLG lawyers listen to and communicate with time-pressured clients and others in straightforward, frank, and practical exchanges using land lines, mobile phones, email, text-messaging, instant messaging, international voice-over IP, digital workplaces, overnight delivery, snail mail and of course, face to face (in person or via video cam).