What do they say about the lawyers at Trinity Law Group?  Who are "they"?

"They" are entrepreneurs, chief executives, CFOs, technologists, angel investors, investment bankers, venture capitalists, financial advisors, fund managers, accountants, journalists, inventors, opinion leaders, fellow lawyers, industry mavens, dealmakers and business management professors and consultants.

 "If you are looking for a top notch Attorney who also has very strong business sense, Walt Wright is that guy. He sees every legal issue from multiple stakeholder angles and executes with that in mind. I would highly recommend Walt to any business owner looking for a strategic advisor AND Attorney in one package!"

"Trinity Law Group attorneys are  very energetic and responsive at all hours - vital for international and multi-time zone deals. Their experience in law, business, technology, entrepreneurship and government is truly substantial and unusual. Their understanding of the human side of business and mastery of constructive negotiation has been invaluable.  They also are extremely quick studies; rapidly adjusting and easily contributing in areas where most lawyers fear to tread. They are correctly noted for innovative, creative and workable solutions to seemingly intractable problems. In the end, they are outstanding counselors and advocates. I feel that Trinity Law Group is truly a hidden gem in the business law community."

 "Best counsel for emerging companies."

 "Walter Wright is an extraordinary lawyer. I engaged him to represent me in the sale of my company to Staples, and he did an amazing job. Walter provides expert counsel, clear communication, and an unusually strong   ability to prioritize amongst a myriad of potential negotiating points.   Even when dealing with legal minutiae, Walter never lost sight of the overall goal, and his warm personality made him a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend him, both as a professional and as a person."

"I don’t think I have met any lawyer like Dan Clark, he is so smart, composed and a great negotiator."

 "My success and the success of my clients and colleagues depend upon having counsel with a wide and deep competence in business law and strategy. We can’t afford to work with a law firm that is not designed to meet these standards in an efficient and effective manner. Walt Wright, his partner Dan Clark, and their colleague Dan Ryan consistently come through in amazing fashion. I really enjoy working with them. I truly believe they are among the best lawyers in the country (and I am regularly exposed to many lawyers from all size firms). It feels much better being on their side than on the other side! At the same time, while they can be firm and tough where required, they earn the respect, trust and affection of the other parties and lawyers in the deal."

"Thank you for your time. It was the most informative advisory session I have had with anyone since working on this project. I usually do a  lot of research and try to be as informed as possible  before I  approach an expert. When all my questions are answered well by that expert, it inspires confidence. That does not usually happen. Thank  you for your  input."

"A seasoned veteran who has done countless deals and can help make sure you get the best terms   possible."

"Contact Walter Wright. He is Boston-based, has been working with Tech startups for years and understands their needs and  constraints like no other."

"Thank you for fighting gloriously in the last few weeks to protect our interests in this deal where chaos and odd   exchanges were the rule on the other side."

"First and foremost, I want to thank you for introducing me to Walter Wright.  We met with Walter and we were just blown away by his depth  and understanding of the space and of this entire process. Since then,   we’ve signed an engagement letter with Walter and he’s agreed to join our Board of Advisors as a Senior Advisor. I cannot emphasize how much I  appreciate that introduction."

"It seems that you know everything and everybody or least somebody who knows everybody."

"If you are looking for a top notch Attorney who also has very strong business sense, Walt Wright is that guy. He sees every legal issue from multiple stakeholder angles and executes with that in mind. I would highly recommend Walt to any business owner looking for a strategic advisor AND Attorney in one package!"

 "I personally very much enjoyed our partnership and our exchanges.  I look forward to our next deal."

"Walt Wright is a force of nature, and then some... Having known and worked with him for approaching 20 years, I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I've never met an attorney who can match his legal sagacity, selfless generosity, and, within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts -- his extraordinary quality and number of connections. Suffice to say, Walt is a door opener (for people who're building technology and other companies) who's dedicated, open and helpful (24x7x365) to those whom he serves (even those who aren't his direct clients). If you're a tech entrepreneur or VC in Massachusetts, be sure you have Mr. Wright on your side!"

"It was great to meet with you and Dan Clark yesterday and hear you express thoughts and opinions that are clearly drawn from a wealth of experience."

"Walter, you have been a superstar throughout this whole transaction. You have lived up to every expectation set for you."

"As we were discussing the unfortunate collapse of professionalism in today's world, I could not help but think that you and Daniel Clark stand out as a beacon of hope against a graying backdrop. "

"I will proudly work with you every time I will be given a chance and I think our clients will be lucky to have you on their side."

"The credit goes to Walt Wright! He did a phenomenal job at extracting all we needed to protect our client from the   chaos, the disorganization and the funny handling of the deal by the other party’s attorneys."

"I am at only the beginning of my journey …. I hope I can do honor to the great tradition of professionalism that you both have so strongly carried forward."

"Thank you for an outstanding heroic job!"

"You are a Godsend.  Honestly, you know this stuff so well and your counsel goes far beyond the tactics and legal, but delves into the human element very gracefully.   You just simply "get it".   And it helps to instill confidence that things are well in hand.   My appreciation cannot be overstated!!   This is an example of the kinds of people you need to work with if you're going to slay big dragons and achieve remarkable things."

"There’s no question, we are going with you guys."

"A rare lawyer who gets technology like an analyst."

"I would highly recommend that you speak with Walter Wright. I have worked with Walter for many years; he does exceptional corporate work and has a lot of experience in working with start-ups."

"Walter Wright is the most unusual lawyer this city has had….He is also a great attorney and specializes in helping high tech companies and venture funds."

"He is the most technology-savvy attorney I have come across."

"We so appreciate your participation Monday evening. Having an audience of professionals to address tends to improve the quality of the students' presentations. Your questions and comments were extremely instructive. The perspective that you brought to the discussion was invaluable."

"I knew I could count on you for a creative solution."

"Walter Wright is rare among business attorneys; a practical polymath who is truly dedicated to his clients’ short and long term objectives. I, along with my associates (which include major VCs, successful entrepreneurs and leading companies), have greatly benefited from Walt Wright’s legal and strategic counsel and representation since he was a very young but precocious business lawyer".

" In a long and varied career as an entrepreneur, CEO and investor, I have looked to Walt Wright as a trusted and innovative advisor and as a full team partner and leader. He enthusiastically combines his powerful intellect, sharp business instincts, excellent negotiating skills, broad and deep legal and business knowledge and experience, and preternatural strategic vision with his vibrant and embracing personality to foster extraordinary results. If he is your lawyer you will be well-served to look to him in each important phase of your business and professional life."

"You dragged this deal across the finish line. "

 "You figured out our business model, handled our risks, and found new revenue."

"Impossible deadline, but you did it!"

"Every time we speak you provide tremendous insight into the funding process."

"Walter Wright is incredibly thorough and aggressive as needed, yet always diplomatic in pursuing outcomes that further his clients' best interests. His knowledge is deep and broad, but when he doesn't know something, he says so - and then figures it out and comes back to you in record time, with his own personal spin on it. Add to that his disarmingly personal approach to doing business and it's clear he's one of the best in his field, in and around Boston or anywhere. Bottom line - you can't go wrong with Walt!"

 "Thanks for the insights. Quite valuable as usual!"

"Dan Clark is a very powerful intellect, very business-savvy, extremely dedicated, well-prepared and determined."

"A rare combination of great skills, phenomenal intellect, better knowledge of all things financial than most investment bankers and a passion for defending the interests of clients that even they do not expect."

"I really enjoy working  with you.  I truly believe you are one of the best lawyers this country  ever produced and it feels much better being on your side than on the other side."

"You give us counsel we can’t get anywhere else."

"Over the last 6 years Walter Wright has proven invaluable to my professional endeavors. Whether it was the sales of my businesses, negotiating employment agreements, or just general counsel;  Walter’s always prompt, informed, insightful, and on top of it. Walter always knows what to look for, what to fight for, and (most importantly) how to get the deal closed. And on top of all of this, he’s a fantastic guy. I really can’t recommend Walter enough"

"It was worth every penny and more."

"The success of this transaction is a great testimony to the lethal team Dan Clark and you represent."

"You guys solve problems and don’t engage in make-work."

"He may be the entrepreneur’s best friend."

"I want you on my side next time."

"You were on top of it, every step of the process and you never yielded in spite of our client’s pressure to close much quicker. "

"I have been using his services for many of my clients and I have always been very impressed with his no nonsense approach, his speed of delivery and   his insights on the industry."

"I knew I could count on you for a creative solution."

"...Brains bigger than the big firm guys."

"The other side’s CEO told me, you have got the best   lawyer."

"Dan, they are no competition to you and Walt Wright."

"Your desire to guide and develop aspiring entrepreneurs is evident and your experience a formidable asset to any   team."

"He does your firm proud and as for me, it was as enjoyable as it gets working with him."

"I like Walter's thinking. There is no reason that we can't become the ones who lead the revolution."

"Our conversation left us both feeling empowered because it sounds like we're on the right track with negotiating this   deal, but also a little more wary as the complexities of these deals cannot be   ignored."

"Your due diligence saved us a lot of cash."

"It was absolutely wonderful speaking with you again  this afternoon.  As usual your thoughts and encouragement mean more to me than I  could hope to explain.  The goodness, caring, and faith that   you have shown will stay with us for the rest of our lives."

"t has truly been an honor to get to know you, Dan Clark and the rest of  your team and I can only hope that our future paths will do honor to the   great kindness that you have shown us."

"You guys rock!!!!"

"You will ALWAYS be our lawyer."

"Congratulations on being named in the recently published Boston Magazine 'Massachusetts Super Lawyers'. It is a great honor and of course,  reflects so well on our Law School. On behalf of the Boston College Law School, may I express my pride and gratitude." 

"I want to express my appreciation for your excellent help and advice, thank you."

 "I am honored and privileged to work with you."

"I think  you would hit it off remarkably well with our in-house legal  counsel….I think your two minds work similarly - he's a no BS, no frills   kind of guy who does not ascribe to the tenets held dear by some of the   flashier corporate law firms in the city."

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