Our Business Law and Strategy Practice

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Trinity Law Group is a business and corporate law firm focused on integrating closely with its clients through every stage of their business life cycle – from inception through growth, investment, and exit. 

Trinity Law Group lawyers provide business-oriented legal counsel and strategic advice on a full of range of business contracting, financial, intellectual property, employment/human resources, business succession and corporate governance matters. Trinity Law Group attorneys provide cost-effective top-rated advice and guidance to clients in minimizing financial exposure, managing legal risk and maximizing business opportunities.

Trinity Law Group attorneys assist with organization, financing, contracts, human resources/executive compensation, technology licensing, intellectual property protection, mergers and acquisitions, real estate and strategic alliances/joint ventures. Trinity Law Group functions in a variety of legal and advisory roles, including general counsel, special counsel, lead counsel and co-counsel.

 Trinity Law Group lawyers help clients design and implement legal procedures to minimize exposure to liability and maximize revenue and long-term enterprise value. Our attorneys will work with corporate clients to perform an legal audit of the client and resolve legal problems.

Trinity Law Group attorneys have assisted clients with U.S. corporate entities, foreign assets, multi-national contracts and other international commercial and securities transactions. Trinity Law Group lawyers have handled a variety of cross-border matters for international and U.S clients with global interests.

Trinity Law Group lawyers advise private and public companies and investors in connection with securities, disclosure and compliance matters, including private placements, public offerings, SEC reporting,  stock transfers, investment contracts, SARBOX (the Sarbanes-Oxley Act) and NASDAQ/NYSE listing requirements. 

Our broad and deep law and strategy service offerings include: