International Engagements, Cross Border Transactions & Global Clients

Trinity Law Group attorneys have assisted clients with U.S. corporate entities, foreign assets, multi-national contracts and other international commercial and securities transactions.

Trinity Law Group lawyers have handled a variety of cross-border matters for international  and U.S clients with global interests:

  • Organization of wholly-owned subsidiaries in Delaware and registration to do business in states, including Massachusetts and New York
  • Buyout of United States based partners
  • Venture capital and private equity investment in American companies by foreign entities
  • Resolution of cross-border ownership and management employment disputes
  • Mergers and acquisitions of targets located in the United States and Canada by acquirers based in Europe and the Middle East
  • Purchases of companies based in Europe and in the Middle East by U.S  and Canadian acquirers
  • Counsel as to offshore Outsourcing Agreements in India and China
  • Formation of offshore venture capital and other investment funds
  • Counsel as to employment and other human resource matters in the United States
  • Lease and purchase of real estate and other assets in the United States
  • Review, comment and revision on business agreements and other documentation for conformity with U.S business legal terms and legal drafting standards
  • Assurance of compliance with U.S. consumer, commercial and federal trade regulations
  • Drafting of cross-jurisdiction terms of use and privacy policies
  • Cross-border intellectual property transfers
  • Retention of U.S suppliers and consultants
  • Determination of applicable laws, rules and regulations

Where appropriate and where requested, Trinity Law Group collaborates and co-engages with foreign and U.S. attorneys, solicitors, barristers, accountants, consultants and other multi-jurisdictional legal and business practitioners for legally effective, prudent and cost-efficient results.

The nations where clients of Trinity Law Group lawyers have had interests, transactions, operations,  assets, opposing parties and corporate partners include the countries comprising the European Union (such as United Kingdom, France, Ireland, Spain, Germany and Cyprus), NATFA nations (Canada and Mexico),  MENA nations (such as Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Jordan,  United Arab Emirates & Iraq), BRIC nations (Brazil, India, Russia & China),  the Caribbean region (Puerto Rico, United States Virgin Islands, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands), Japan, Australia, South Africa, Ghana, Macedonia,  Switzerland, Macedonia, Taiwan and Guinea.

They are very energetic and responsive at all hours - vital for international and multi-time zone deals. Their experience in law, business, technology, entrepreneurship and government is truly substantial and unusual. Their understanding of the human side of business and mastery of constructive negotiation has been invaluable. They also are extremely quick studies; rapidly adjusting and easily contributing in areas where most lawyers fear to tread. They are correctly noted for innovative, creative and workable solutions to seemingly intractable problems. In the end, they are outstanding counselors and advocates. I feel that Trinity Law Group is truly a hidden gem in the business law community.
— A Client with a global management and financial structuring advisory consultancy