Corporate Governance

The roles of boards of directors, board committees, individual directors and executive officers have changed dramatically in the wake of Enron, WorldCom, and other corporate scandals. Congress, the Securities and Exchange Commission, NASDAQ and New York Stock Exchange have substantially expanded the responsibilities of directors and executive officers of public companies and imposed significant potential liabilities. In most cases, governance obligations apply to private companies as well.

Trinity Law Group attorneys have served as counsel to public and private companies during these revolutionary changes in the compliance and enforcement legal landscape, have gained extensive experience in advising boards of directors, board committees, individual board members, executive officers and investors such as venture capital funds and majority stockholders on issues they encounter in the performance of their duties and the management of their investment. In addition to advising on traditional corporate fiduciary obligations and strategic considerations, we are able to counsel on the ever-evolving body of legislation, regulation and stock exchange listing standards that determine the responsibilities of directors and officers of public and private companies.

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