Trinity Law Group: Behind the Name

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Walt Wright and Dan Clark, the law firm's founding attorneys, have solid reputations in the legal and business communities and are known for excellence in business negotiations and closing deals. However, to name the law firm some combination of Clark & Wright, Wright & Clark, Clark/Wright, or WrightClark would not fully reflect the law firm's special context, guidelines, and values. In conceiving of the law firm, they came back to the notion of "threes":  three sets of three components underlying the reality and aspirations of their combined law practice and professional commitment - each constituting a "Trinity." These fundamental components are explored below.

Law, Clients & Attorneys

 Law, Clients  and Attorneys comprise the core Trinity, our law firm's raison d'etre, and our core mission as legal and strategic counsel is to serve our clients through the law.    Find out more > 

Competence, Commitment & Communication

Competence is in short supply. Truthfully, there are too many lawyers and not enough good lawyers.  As committed attorneys and counselors, our personal and professional value lies not in what  we are but who we are and how we communicate.  Find out who >

Relationships, Technology & Strategy

Trinity Law Group attorneys leverage relationships, technology and strategy to create a competitive advantage for clients.  Find out how >