Relationships, Technology & Strategy

Trinity Law Group attorneys leverage relationships, technology and strategy to create a competitive advantage for clients.


Relationships catalyze the successful practices of Trinity Law Group lawyers.  Our client relationships are not confined and mechanistic but productive and interactive; long characterized by loyalty, sacrifice, and shared vision.

One of our considerable assets is Trinity Law Group’s local, national, and international network of entrepreneurs, executives, investors, service providers, thought leaders, technologists, journalists, industry analysts, government officials, and political activists. 

Our relationships demonstrate the hard-earned esteem, trust and confidence people and businesses have in the Trinity Law Group’s attorneys.


Technology fuels the ability of  our  attorneys  to deliver to efficient legal services to our clients. Trinity Law Group attorneys recognize that technology should be used to make the delivery of legal services more efficient and more effective as opposed to the “big firm” strategy of using technology to justify massive legal fees.

We also have a keen understanding of where the technological direction of the practice of law is heading and where it must go.  Our close relationships with technologists and our passion for innovation expose us to the edge of information technology and telecommunications, and lead help us actively participate in the transformation of the practice of law.  The business lawyers  of Trinity Law Group have been in the forefront of the smart and efficient use of technology in law firms and by lawyers.


Strategy is a fundamental component of valuable legal counsel.

Thanks to technology, determining how the law applies to a certain situation is increasingly the easier part of practicing law. Clients often begin with a clear insight into their legal situation.

Therefore, the real value of superior legal counsel is in providing strategic alternatives and tactically executing the chosen strategy.

The deeply experienced lawyers at Trinity Law Group are creative, decisive and pragmatic. A common element of the careers of Trinity Law Group attorneys is the demonstrated strategic value of their advice and assistance.

The value is found in results:  businesses built, careers saved, technologies deployed, financial plans executed.