Working with Other Attorneys - Referring Lawyers and Other Law Firms

Trinity Law Group lawyers work with lawyers from other law firms of all sizes and practice areas as special counsel, co-counsel, general counsel, lead counsel and referral attorneys. 

Our attorneys regularly represent clients in efficiently and effectively handling transactions and business disputes and negotiations with other parties represented by some of the largest and most expensive "big law firms" in the Boston-area, the nation and internationally.

As special counsel, we collaborate with referring and lead counsel as well as in-house general counsel and legal departments. Trinity Law Group attorneys supplement and extend capacity, knowledge and expertise in corporate law, contract drafting, mergers and acquisitions, securities and employment matters. We also serve as United States counsel to global companies.

As co-counsel, we collaborate with and accept referrals from other law firms in situations where multiple representations are needed, including conflict of interest situations where independent counsel is required to meet ethical standards and/or client requests.

We welcome referrals from other law firms and solo practitioners. Where appropriate we will compensate lawyers with reasonable referral fees for the service they have performed in introducing the client to us and related services.  We will also consider  performing legal and strategic services as a subcontractor where conducive to client needs and lead counsel preferences. 

As general counsel, we retain other legal specialists where appropriate to address specific client needs, including trial lawyers,  bankruptcy and patent specialists. We work to provide our clients with access to specialists and domain experts that meet our exacting standards on an efficient and cost-effective basis. Unlike over-leveraged larger firms, Trinity Law Group attorneys are not incented to "cross-sell" or "up-sell" legal services to hyper-specialized intra-firm departments.