Executive and Senior Management Legal Counsel and Representation

Trinity Law Group attorneys counsel and represent executives, founders and senior management at each stage of their work, employment and professional lives. Trinity Law Group lawyers are called upon to help when people are hired, retained, incented and fired. Our broad services include the strategic assessment of career opportunities and financial risk, the drafting, review and negotiation of employment agreements, equity ownership, complex executive compensation arrangements, severance contracts and non-competition and confidentiality covenants as well as handling disputes.

Typical engagements include counsel, evaluation, negotiation and document drafting and analysis for executives, founders, senior management  and strategic advisors in the following contexts:

  • Employment Agreements for chief executive officers, founders, chief operating officers, chief financial officers and other principals in connection with venture capital financings, corporate formation, new hire and public offerings
  • Severance and Termination Agreements for C-level executives
  • Stock ownership/stock option vesting provisions and related rights for members of senior management, members of the board of directors and strategic advisors
  • Phantom Stock and Stock Appreciation agreements for executive officers
  • Employment agreements for sellers in connection with  a merger with public and privately held companies
  • Structuring post-organization and/or pre- exit equity participation for key employees
  • Change of Control Agreements for top management
  • Strategic Advisory Agreements
  • Director Service agreements
  • Profit Interests in limited liability companies
  • Distribution/Dividend rights in subchapter S corporations and limited liability companies

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