Trinity Law Group Client English Helper Closes New Funding Round

Trinity Law Group represented its client, English Helper Inc. in a new round of funding by existing investors, including Omidyar Network, the venture capital fund, and accredited investors. 

About English Helper: 

EnglishHelper™ offers innovative, technology enabled solutions to improve English proficiency. Learning a language is a function of listening, speaking, reading and writing. The company provides innovative products that address the English-language learning and training needs of educational and skill-building institutions, as well as corporates in India. Most students learning English as a second language struggle with reading because they don’t have the opportunity to practice speaking or listen to English being spoken.  EnglishHelper’s software, ReadToMe, enables reading with comprehension through a multi-sensory approach. The software provides a feature-rich reading and comprehension solution that includes the ability to pause while reading, look up unfamiliar words in the built-in dictionary, access a pronunciation guide and the ability to verbalize any type of content - from websites to textbooks. The company has also integrated vernacular aids to cater to early learners in various regions. With EnglishHelper™ products, you can improve fluency in spoken English, enhance your reading skills and comprehension, enrich your vocabulary, and learn to write better.. Its solutions are based on the principle that learning in the context and at the pace of the learner is engaging and effective. Its products cater to a wide audience of varying proficiency levels, from different industries and job types, across career and life stages.